We hereby inform all Diponegoro University students, PERMATA SAKTI is a student exchange program between universities in Indonesia facilitated by the Ministry of Education and Culture’s Belmawa Directorate and held at several State Universities including Undip.

Undip students are given the opportunity to take courses at other PTNs (western and eastern regions) with the following requirements:

  1. Students are active and registered at PDDikti
  2. 5th – 7th semester student
  3. Minimum GPA of 2.75 (attach proof of KHS)
  4. Students are required to take a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 20 credits of courses presented by the recipient PTN
  5. Have the ability and opportunity to develop reasoning, insight, and integrity, be creative and innovative
  6. Willing to comply with all the provisions of the Permata Sakti 2020 Standard Operational Guidelines (POB)
  7. Never been subject to academic sanctions
  8. It was stated that they passed the selection by the Permata Sakti team at the intended PTN
  9. Participate in Undip level dissemination
  10. Fill out and sign the registration form, both online / hardcopy through the Faculty
  11. Fill out the IRS which contains the courses to be followed at the intended PTN
  12. For students who have filled out the IRS, there are 2 ways to enter the Permata-Sakti course, namely:
    – Change part of the courses that have been taken, or
    – Conversion of equivalent courses
  13. Total credits per semester are a maximum of 24 credits (PT origin and Permata Sakti), taking credits according to the previous semester’s GPA
  14. The courses taken must obtain approval from the Head of Study Program in order to be converted
  15. The course scores obtained are recognized and endorsed by the original PTN.