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Krikilan Village, Klaten (23/1/2024) – On this occasion, 2024 UNDIP Team I KKN Students conducted counseling and outreach regarding the 2024 Election, which will soon be held and provided education regarding good and correct voters by the principles of Luberjurdil and One of the problems that often arise during elections is the practice of money politics. Political money, also known as monetary politics, uses money or material rewards to influence the political process, especially during general elections. This practice is carried out to gain support or votes from voters so that the candidate or political party involved can win the election. The existence of money politics has the potential to damage the election process and increase the risk of corruption.

Therefore, Undip KKN Team I students for the 2024 period held educational activities regarding counseling and socializing regarding the 2024 election and preventing money politics in Krikilan Village, Bayat District, Klaten Regency on January 23, 2024. This activity aimed in order to avoid potential money political practices. Damaging the 2024 election process and educating voters, especially voters who will only vote this year, about how to be good and correct voters per the applicable laws. In this educational activity, Undip KKN Team I students provided a deeper understanding of money politics and its impact on democracy and the election process. This educational activity is one of the proactive steps Undip KKN students took to increase public awareness about the importance of clean and fair elections. By understanding the negative impact of money politics, it is hoped that society can play an active role in creating elections with integrity.

Through the presentation of material, Undip Team I KKN students explained the types of political money, examples of political money practices, and the legal consequences that can be received if involved in political money (both as givers and recipients). It also explains how money politics can damage the democratic process and injure people’s voting rights. During this activity, Undip KKN Team I students also provided posters containing brief information regarding the forms, impacts and criminal threats related to money politics. This poster is provided to make the information conveyed more easily understood by the residents of Krikilan Village.

With this education, it is hoped that the people of Krikilan Village can be more active in preventing and fighting the practice of money politics in the upcoming 2024 elections. It is expected that involved community participation can create more dignified elections and improve the quality of democracy at the local and national levels.

This educational activity is a concrete form of student participation in advancing democracy and increasing public understanding of the importance of the 2024 election being clean and free from money politics.

Author: Rendi Adiguna Putra (Faculty of Law)
Field Supervisor: Gani Nur Pramudyo, S.IP., M.Hum
Location: Krikilan Village, Bayat District, Klaten Regency