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The Undip FH Student Delegation under the coordination of UKM-F KRD succeeded in winning First Place in the Contract Drafting Competition in the 2023 Santara Law Competition organized by the Faculty of Law, Atma Jaya University, Yogyakarta.

The following are the names of the Student Delegates, including:

1. Atmakeno Daniswara (2021)
2. Kristian Marsil Aruan (2021)
3. Muhammad Rayhan Farabi (2022)

*) Official Manager:

1. Aisyah Hamid (2022)
2. Lathifah Ramadhani (2022)

The leadership and the entire FH Undip Academic Community are also proud and grateful for this proud achievement.

Hopefully this achievement can motivate other FH Undip students to contribute their achievements and make the name of the alma mater, homeland and nation proud.