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Doc   : Maria Novena Mahyani  showed off her pose on stage and wore the Research and Debate Community’s  Flag On The Stage After Announcemnet

Delegation of The Faculty of law  UNDIP  under the coordination of Student Activity Unit- Research and Debate Community  (UKM-F KRD FH UNDIP) took part in the National Law Competition, “Ubaya Law Fair 2019” at the University of Surabaya, Surabaya, East Java, which was held at November 22-24, 2019. In this Competition, the Legal Opinion Delegation was  represented by:

– Maria Novena Mahyani (2017)

The Legal Opinion (LO) delegation from FH UNDIP won the Champion II and got Best Memo Award for Legal Opinion in the competition.

 The Research and Debate Community  brought delegates representing one branch of the legal competition namely Legal Opinion. Ubaya Law Fair is a law competition held by the Faculty of Law of the University of Surabaya together with the Student Executive Board, the Debate & Mootcourt Society, the Business Law Society, the International Law KSM, the KSM Tata Tata, and the Criminal KSM which begin each year with competition branches such as Debates and Legal Opinion. This year Ubaya Law Fair takes the theme “Restoration of the Unity in Diversity Value in Solving Legal Problems”.

“Praise God, thank you for the support and prayers from your brothers and sisters, we can win a trophy at the end of this year and can bring UNDIP Almamater in the land of Heroes (Surabaya). Hopefully next year we can win the championship at the next national level” – Maria Novena

“This is an extraordinary achievement as the closing of the KRD management in the 2019 period, and this is the second Legal Opinion trophy that was previously won by sister Nida Year at the BLC UI Competition a few months ago, thank you for your prayers and support for Ubaya LO delegates. this. “Said Allia as Head of Business Division.  Of course,  the Board management of  Student Activity Unit –  The Research and Debate Community   thanked for the Legal Opinion delegation for the effort and hard work of the delegation to reach the Champion phase and won 2nd place and best memo at UBAYA LAW FAIR 2019.

This achievement was presented to the Faculty of Law UNDIP  so that in the future the achievements of the national legal championship could continue to be achieved and could bring new superior seeds to bring Undip Almamater always to be the foremost in the national arena. Of course, there is a great hope for  the another students in Faculty of Law UNDIP   to be able to compete with delegates from other law faculties representing  their almamater to fly the  Diponegoro University  reputation   on National or International level .

 For Almamater ,
 For  Our Nation and Our Mother Earth  ,
 Salam Intelektual Muda!


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Doc The Trophy  of  Ubaya Law Fair and The Certificate

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