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Doc :  Delegation of The Faculty of Law UNDIP took picture and posed together post announcement the competition

Student Delegation  from The Faculty of Law  UNDIP –   under the coordination of UKM-F Research and Debate Group –  succeed  earn an proud achievement by becoming the overall champion in the Business Law Competition – Hafni Sjahrudin Cup 2019 .  On this  annual event  whose  held by the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia in Depok – West Java,  Delegation of the Faculty of Law  UNDIP participated in two categories of competition, namely Battle of Brain (BoB) and Contract Drafting.

In the Battle of Brain (BoB) category, Two team’s delegation from Faculty of  Law  UNDIP has been successfully got  ranked 1 and III. Here are the names of the Delegation Teams that succeeded in making  our faculty  proud, including:

Doc :  Team Delegation II – Battle of Brain from the Faculty of Law at Diponegoro University who successfully won first place (Right to Left: Fahmi Maulana, Reyhan Dewangga Saputra and Clarisca Fransisca) took a photo with the official Head of the Delegation Team, Aliya (left).

  • The Team of Delegates from the Faculty of Law that won first place in the Battle of Brain (BoB) category, namely:  
  • Clarisca Fransisca ( Faculty of Law  – Class of  2017) ,
  • Reyhan Dewangga Saputra (Faculty of Law – Class of 2016) and
  • Fahmi Maulana ( Faculty of Law –Class of  2017)

Dok :    Delegasi  Tim I – Battle Of Brain   dari  FH UNDIP  sukses mendapatkan posisi ke-3  (Kanan ke Kiri :  Fauzi Aziz Firmanto,  Achmad Fauzi danVasthika Thea Dewi) berfoto dengan Ketua Official Delegasi FH UNDIP , Aliya ( Kiri)

  • The second delegation’s team from Faculty of Law whose succeed  got Third Position  on Battle of Brain ( (BoB),  namely : 
  • Achmad Fauzi ( FH UNDIP- Angkatan 2017)
  • Fauzi Aziz Firmanto (FH UNDIP – Angkatan 2017)
  • Vasthika Thea Dewi ( FH UNDIP- Angkatan 2018)

As much appreciation towards the Contract Drafting team delegates  whose already hard –work  and struggled on this competition , they are :

Bob Martin Panjaitan (2016)

• Thalia Hartandy (2017)

• Nonika Putri Windarto (2017)

• Suprat Aditia (2018)

• Adita Lembana (2017)

• Reynaldo Masaro Surbakti (2017)

The entire Academic Community in  the Faculty of Law  UNDIP congratulate the achievements of the all delegates who took part  on this competition . Hopefully the achievements obtained by  all delegate’s Team  can encourage and motivate other Faculty of Law  students  to be able to earn other achievements both nationally and internationally.