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Faculty of Law  UNDIP students sent a delegation  to compete In  Parahyangan Legal Competition 2019 whose held by  Catholic’s University of  Parahyangan Bandung, West Java. In this contest , The delegation of  Faculty of Law  participated categories on categories namely Scientific Legal Writing and debate.

The team of Faculty of Law UNDIP whose representative on Scientific  Legal Writing categories won 1st place and took home the rotating trophy, the Prof. Cup. Soediman Kartohadiprodjo. In this  category , Faculty of Law UNDIP  were  represented by:

1. Deddy Andhika Pradana (2017)

2. Ramces Arianto Sitohang (2017)

While  The debate team of  The Faculty of Law UNDIP whose  won 2nd place represented by:

1. Ibrahim Al Farez (2018)

2. Dinda Putri Mulia (2016)

3. Novalia Tamba (2016)

The competition was held on 26 to 28 April 2019 under the coordination of the UKM-F Research and Debate Group.


The Delegation of   Law  UNDIP  won Scientific  Paper  Categories On Parahyangan Legal Competition 2019

The  Debate Team of The  Faculty Of Law UNDIP got 2nd place On  Parahyangan Legal Competition 2019

The Delegation of The Faculty of Law UNDIP within Official  Supporting Team on Parahyangan Legal Competition 2019 ( Post – Result Announcement)

The UNDIP Faculty of Law Debate Team performed  On Parahyangan Legal Competition 2019