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Doc :  Student Delegation of Research and Debate Community  who visited the Office of the Pancasila Ideology Development Agency (BPIP) took a photo with BPIP members as well as Lecturers at the Faculty of Law, Diponegoro University, Prof. Dr.FX Aji Samekto, S.H., M.Hum. and Dr., Ani Purwanti, S.H., M.Hum.

Research and Debate Student Activity Unit( UKM-F KRD)  from Faculty of Law  UNDIP which supervised by the Public Relations Division of UKM-F KRD conducted an institutional visit in a work program named “KRD Law Journey” on September 24-28 in Central Jakarta totaling 50 members. On September 26, one of the visits visited by the KRD was to visit one of the institutions in Indonesia, the Pancasila Ideology Development Board (BPIP), located on Jl. Veteran, Gedung Pancasila, Merdeka Palace, Central Jakarta. The purpose of this visit itself is as a form to find out about the institutions of BPIP itself and the implementation of what made BPIP established by the President of the Republic of Indonesia and so that KRD members themselves can understand the importance of fostering the Pancasila Ideology on the lecture bench. The visit was warmly welcomed by Diponegoro University’s Faculty of Law lecturers namely; Dr. Ani Purwanti. S.H., M.Hum. and Prof. Dr. F.X. Adji Samekto, S.H., M.Hum

Dok :  Dr. Ani Purwanti. S.H., M.Hum. ( The Lecturers from Law and Society , faculty of Law UNDIP) and  Prof. Dr. F.X. Adji Samekto, S.H., M.Hum ( Professor of International Law ) Also serving as a member of the Pancasila Ideology Development Board (BPIP) welcomed the presentation of the material to the  Research and Debate – Student Unit Activity

The event took place from 13.00 West Indonesia Time to 16.00 West Indonesia Time, in this session a group discussion forum was held with additional question and answer sessions by  Research and Debate – Student Unit Activity members, placards / memorial sessions and a group photo in front of the entrance to the Pancasila building.

Doc: The awarding of placards was given by Windari (Head of Research Division) to BPIP as a memento or gift for  Research and Debate  Community ‘s visit to the Pancasila Ideology Development Board.

According to Yudhistira Fajar as Head of the Public Relations Division “In the KRD Law Journey this time we ( UKM-F KRD ) visiting BPIP is a form of knowing more about the institution and what is the purpose of establishing this institution (BPIP), certainly very happy when we were there welcomed well and this is a very extraordinary experience. I agree that this institution was established with the intention that we can see that at this time we are in the midst of a concern about the ideology of Pancasila which is increasingly lost by time, of course, great hopes are on our backs all that Pancasila should not fade by the times.


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