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Doc: The Guidance  Teachers of the Delegation of Senior High School 3 Tangerang Regency took a photo together with the Chair of the UNDIP FH S1 Program, Mr. Marjo, S.H.M.Hum. (Abu shirt), Head of Administration, Mr. Darwanto, S.H. , Public Relation Team from Faculty of Law UNDIP  and Education Personnel Staff

Semarang, January 3, 2020 – In early 2020, Faculty of Law UNDIP received a study trip from Senior High School 3 Tangerang Regency. The group led directly by the Headmaster of Senior High School 3 Tangerang Regency, Mr. Nur Kholis, S.PD, brought a delegation of 165 students. The purpose of this visit agenda aims to introduce the study activities of the Faculty of Law Diponegoro University restoration as one of the Faculties that have the best reputation at the National level, as well as providing a reference choice for students who wish to continue their studies to the Higher Education level.

Doc: Submission of the Plaque between the Chair of the UNDIP FH S1 Program, Mr. Marjo, S.H.M.Hum. (Abu shirt) to the Principal of SMAN 3 Tangerang Regency, Bapak Nur Kholis, S.Pd.

The delegation was welcomed directly by the Head of the S1 Study Program, Mr. Marjo, S.H., M.Hum. , Chair of the UNDIP Faculty of Law, Mr. Darwanto, S.H. , Representative of the lecturer and Public Relations Team, Rahandy Rizki Prananda, S.H. , M.H. and a number of educational staff. The introduction activity was held in room H.304-H, 305 Dean Building of the Faculty of Law UNDIP. On this occasion, Mr. Marjo, S.H., M.Hum. as the Chair of the S1 Study Program gave a presentation on the brief profile of the Undip Faculty of Law which includes history, the Leadership of Undip Faculty of Law, study programs, admission selection process, campus facilities, areas of interest, student activity units, student and alumni achievements.

In his presentation, he said that: The Faculty of Law UNDIP was the No.1 favorite study program choice in the 2019 SBMPTN and had a trusted reputation at the national level in producing alumni who had a lot of work at the Government Agencies of the Republic of Indonesia. He also said that: FH UNDIP’s students produced many national and international achievements both in the academic and non-academic fields, such as Moot Court Competition, debates, Contract Drafting, Legal Drafting, Choirs, Basketball and Miss Asean. In addition, graduates of the Faculty of Law have the prospect of a broad scope of work in the job market.

Last session was closed with a question and answer session from the representative teacher assistant and a number of students. The holding of this activity is expected to provide information and references to the general public, especially high school students, to choose Faculty of Law UNDIP as one of the study program options in the selection of entrance to state universities.