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Doc: Submission of the Placard  by the Deputy Dean of Academic and Student Affairs, Dr. Tri Laksmi, S.H.M.Hum. to Himawan E. Subiantoro, S.H., LL.M (LAPSPI Executive Director)

Semarang, August 28, 2019, Located at Seminar Room H Building Faculty of Law, Diponegoro University, Semarang, the Indonesian Banking Dispute Resolution Arbitration Institute (LAPSPSI) in collaboration with the Faculty of Law UNDIP held a seminar entitled “Trends in Out of Court Settlement”. The event was opened by the Vice Dean for Academic and Student Affairs , Dr. Tri Laksmi SH, M.Hum in his remarks as a positive step that by holding the seminar as well as signing the collaboration of the Faculty of Law with the Indonesian Banking Dispute Resolution Arbitration Institute (LAPSPSI) can provide information regarding the settlement of banking disputes outside the court in academic circles.

Doc: Greeting Speech Submission by the Executive Director of LAPSPI, Himawan E. Subiantoro , S.H.,LL.M.

The Keynote Speaker  whose attended on this occasion  was the Executive Director of LAPSPI , Mr. Himawan E. Subianto S.H. LL.M..  He is an alumni of the Faculty of Law Undip. Along with Case Manager Tryartha Sonny Putri Simamora SH staff who are also alumni of the Faculty of Law Undip. In his presentation he gave general information about LAPSPSI, starting from the background, duties, functions and authorities. Present as other speakers were Mrs. Rofah Setyowati S.H., M.Hum., Ph.D, a lecturer in Islamic law and Islamic economics. the role of this mediation function is not only disputes between agencies, it can be disputes that occur within a small scope, family, neighborhood, friends etc. In the banking world there are many banks in Indonesia, there are a number of disputes that occur in the banking world, therefore there is a need for institutions to resolve disputes outside the court. Roberta Ni Mas Ayu is also an alumni of the Faculty of Law Undip who was present as a resource person sharing her internship experience to become a legal corporate staff member at PT Bank Central Asia, Tbk. The program moderated by Ms. Sartika Nanda Lestari, SH.H., M.H., LL.M was interesting because the seminar participants who were dominated by Trade Civil Law students gave new information about it.


Doc: Signing MoU between Faculty of Law  UNDIP (acting on behalf of the Dean of FH UNDIP, Deputy Dean for Student Academic Affairs Ms. Tri Laksmi, S.H.M.Hum.) With LAPSPI Executive Director (Himawan E. Subiantoro, S.H., LL.M)

Roberta Nimas ayu ( left ) and  Tryartha Sonny Putri Simamora SH  ( Right) presented  the  material toward the audiences

The  Audiences were  listened  to the  presentation from the speakers

The Committees , the Representative of Board’s Management  On the Faculty of Law of UNDIP, Moderator and Speakers took a picture together, after the event ended