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Doc : Trophy Submission Moment

National Moot Court Competition  Prof. Soedarto Cup  has been carried out seven times. The event, which was initiated by the  Student Unit Activity – Pseudoretchpraak  which held every two years.

National Moot Court Competition Prof. Soedarto Cup 2019 (hereinafter abbreviated as NMCC Prof. Soedarto Cup VII ) has been held since September 13-16, 2019. The event was attended by 16 Delegates and consisting of Semarang State University, Brawijaya University, Haluoleo University, Jakarta Veterans Development University, Airlangga University, University Padjajaran, Bhayangkara University Surabaya, Parahyangan University, Al Azhar University Indonesia, Gadjah Mada University, Pasundan University, August 17 1945 Semarang University, Sam Ratulangi University, Jenderal Soedirman University, and Mataram University. In addition to 16 delegates, there were 4 Observer who participated in the NMCC Soedarto VII, namely the University of North Sumatra, Hassanudin University, Bina Nusantara University and Sultan Agung Islamic University.

 “The NMCC Prof Soeadarto Cup VII  is one of the quasi-judicial competitions awaited by Indonesian law students. Students from various regions throughout Indonesia always compete for positions to be able to register as delegates in this competition. This year the 7th event, NMCC Prof. Cup Soedarto successfully carried out all series of events, as well as trials, well. By organizing a national seminar by the Indonesian Deposit Insurance Corporation, of course, this standard will further enhance the competition and truly demonstrate the nature of education in it. Thank you to all law students from various universities who have made this event a success. Hopefully, the knowledge that you can gain during the process of preparing for this competition can be applied to your own campus life, “said Billy Panjaitan, as the Director of UKM-F Pseudorechtspraak.

The event began on September 13, 2019, which began with the Opening Ceremony held at the Police Academy Versatile Building. The Opening Ceremony was attended by Prof. family’s representative Soedarto (Mr. Budhi Wicaksono S.H., M.H.) Dean of the Faculty of Law of the University of Diponegoro (Prof. Dr. Retno Saraswati, S.H. M.Hum.) And Head of Legal Division of the Semarang City Government (Suparman, S.H., M.M) as representatives of the Semarang city government.

On the second day on September 14, 2019 was the day of the race held at the Semarang District Court. This activity starts from 08:00 to 18:00 which is divided into several sessions. After the race is finished, the value is calculated to find out which delegation will qualify for the final round.

On the third day on August 15, 2019 is the Final Round. The final round starts at 8:00 until 17:30. Out of 16 delegates, only 4 delegates qualified for the final round. After the final round is finished, it continues with the Night of Familiarity. The night of intimacy starts at 18:00 which is located in Kampung Laut.

Dok :   National Seminar Indonesia which held by Deposit Insurance Corporation and   National Committee of Financial System Stability In Hotel PO Semarang

          On the fourth day on August 16, 2019 began with a National Seminar in collaboration with the Indonesian Deposit Insurance Corporation and National Committee of Financial System Stability, located at the PO Hotel. The National Seminar carries the theme “New Paradigm for Prevention and Management of Crisis in the Financial System” and the speaker in this seminar was Dr. Paramita Prananingtyas, S.H., LLM., (Lecturer at the Faculty of Law at Diponegoro University), Deni Ridwan, PhD (Director of Risk and Legal Management, Secretariat of the Financial System Stability Committee), Beko Setiawan, S.T., S.H., M.H. (Director of the Deposit Insurance Agency Regulatory Group)

           After that, the City Tour will take place at Sam Poo Kong. At 17.00, the final round scores were held at the Police Academy Versatile Building attended by representatives of the final round delegation. At 18:00 the program continued with the Closing Ceremony held at the Police Academy Versatile Building. The Closing Ceremony was attended by the Vice Dean I of the Diponegoro University Law Faculty (Dr. tri laksmi indreswari S.H., M.H.), and representatives from the Semarang City Government (Drs. Satrio Imam M.S.e). The Closing Ceremony was read about the best roles including:

1. The role of the best Public Prosecutor achieved by Gadjah Mada University,

2. The role of the Best Judges is achieved by Gadjah Mada University,

3. The role of the Best Legal Counsel is achieved by Parahyangan Catholic University,

4. The role of the Best Registrar is won by Gadjah Mada University,

5. The role of the best witness / expert is achieved by Gadjah Mada University,

6. The Best Defendant’s Role was achieved by Airlangga University, and

7. The best file was won by Gadjah Mada University.

             After the announcement of the best role came at the reading of the Champion 1,2 and 3 in this Competition. 1st place was won by Gadjah Mada University, 2nd place was won by Airlangga University, and 3rd place was won by Padjadjaran University.

          “Thank God, this year NMCC Soedarto has entered the seventh edition, with very high participant interest in participating in this activity. Thank God the implementation of the series of NMCC prof Soedarto VII Cup events this year went well overall, I personally hope that the holding of the NMCC Prof Soedarto Cup this can form honest and clean law enforcement candidates in accordance with the theme of our event, and also I hope all participating friends can benefit from participating in this competition. that’s all from me more or less sorry “said Abdurrahmah Al Risjad as Chairman of the NMCC Committee Soedarto VII

              Thank you to all parties who have supported and helped make this event a success. Congratulations to the winners who won the Soedarto VII National Moot Court Competition. Sorry if we as the committee have not been maximized in entertaining or carrying out this activity.  See you at NMCC Soedarto VIII.


Competition Activity on Semarang District Court

All Delegations and Observers  took photo together on City Tour  at Sam Poo Kong  Temple  

Tangis haru Delegasi FH UGM yang dinyatakan sebagai Pemenang Piala Prof. Soedarto VII 2019