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Doc : Submission of Placard  from Dr. Kholis Roisah (two from the left) to the Head of National Legal Development Agency , Prof. Dr. Benny Riyanto, S.H., CN., M.Hum.

Semarang, July 16, 2019, In ​​order to deal with industry 4.0, aspects of Intellectual Property Rights especially patents have an important role in developing competitive technology in dealing with competition at the global level. The urgency of legal instruments in the field of patents is needed in providing legal protection guarantees to create a climate conducive to technological inventions in domestic industries. So it is necessary to revision national regulations related to patents.

In order to enrich and explore the idea of ​​formulating Academic texts on the amendment bill on Law Number 13 of 2016 concerning Patents, the National Legal Development Agency (BPHN) in collaboration with the Faculty of Law UNDIP held a public discussion. The event was attended by the Head of  National Legal Development Agency ,  Prof.Dr.Benny Riyanto, S.H., M.Hum., C.N. as a keynote speech.  The location of the Public Discussion took place in the Seminar Room of the H Building of the Faculty of Law, UNDIP ,.

Doc:  The Discussants , Moderator and  The Dean of Faculty of Law UNDIP posed together On Opening Session

According to Prof. Dr. Benny Riyanto, S.H., CN, M.Hum. : The results of this public discussion will be used as input in the preparation of academic texts on the submission of Prolognas 2020-2024. The event was attended by the Vice- Chancellor for Cooperation and Innovation Prof.Dr.Ir.Ambariyanto, M.Sc, in his remarks he said that: In 2018 UNDIP was one of the universities with the most Patent proponents. there is  already a special team that handles and deals with the patent. Dean of the Faculty of Law UNDIP Prof.Dr.Retno Saraswati, S.H., M.Hum welcomed this forum , because patents were one of the things to advance the technological advances of the nation and the state, which must have a legal umbrella that provides certainty of protection and regulation .

The event was  divided into 2 (two) sessions attended by speakers who are competent in their fields. The material in the first session was delivered by Dr. Freddy Harris, S.H., LL.M (Directorate General of Intellectual Property of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights) who prescribed the development of patents in various countries and problems in Article 20 of Law No. 13 of 2016 concerning patents. Then in the second session, the material was delivered by several speakers, namely Dra.Dede Niyasusanti, MLSM, (Patent Director of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights), Dr. Kholis Roisah S.H., M.Hum and Lapon Tukan Leonard, S.H., M.A (Lecturers In Faculty of Law  UNDIP)

The discussion atmosphere was more exciting during the question and answer session from a number of participants from a number of universities and representatives of the Law and Human Rights Regional Department. The participants were very enthusiastic in participating in this discussion forum and hoped that they could be held again specifically to discuss the follow-up of the problems in Article 20 of Law No. 13 of 2016 concerning Patents. Hopefully this event can add to our insight into the development of regulation No. 13 of 2016 concerning Patents. The program was closed by singing again to you, the country along with hospitality and the distribution of certificates.