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(Doc :  Leony Sondang Suryani  While She was on Convocation )

The Graduated Student on Faculty of Law UNDIP , suddenly became a public conversation in the internet world in Indonesia. This started when a graduate took a photo wearing a Gojek Indonesian jacket and jacket. She is Leony Sondang Suryani, a 2015 law student at Diponegoro University who is a member of the Diponegoro University Faculty of Law Research and Debate Group. Starting from stepping into the fifth semester undergoing a part-time profession as an online motorcycle taxi driver in Semarang. This was done by Leony because She felt there was no activity in between classes and helped ease the burden on parents.

“If I’m actually from Gojek, other than to alleviate, at least I don’t ask for a lot of extra money for campus activities or competitions. But yes, on the other hand, I consider this as a way for me to train myself to have a strong mentality, that’s all, “said Lele.

Next Leony explained how she managed the time, “If for example the lecture is morning, the day is interesting. If the lecture is in the afternoon, it’s interesting in the morning. Yes, there will definitely be sacrifices anyway. So for example the time is like that (solid), so maybe the hangout is reduced. So see what the priorities are first, “continued Leony.


(Leony with The Her Trophy )

One of the competitions won by Lele and the team was the Champion of the National Student XI Constitutional Debate Competition in 2018 organized by the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia.

Leony has actively participated in debates on campus since she was a Diponegoro University student. “Legal debate contest since the beginning of the semester. So, on the campus level first, it continues to go down at the national level, “said Leony.

She also claimed to be involved in a debate competition representing his campus in 3 championships held 3 years in a row.

“If in fact it follows 3 years in a row participating in 3 contests, but the winner in 2017 is the same in 2018,” he said.

Leony was  a student who is good at managing time and priorities are the main key in order to be able to complete their responsibilities to the maximum. Not only succeeding in the soft skills field, Leony also managed to complete his studies with the best title. Whereas the course Leony chose was well-known among students as a major that was difficult to be able to graduate quickly. She also Got an Assessment Index of K 3.67.

Related to a viral photo because of wearing an  Ridesharing jacket over her graduation gown, Leony spoke up. She did not even claim to be ashamed of the online motorcycle taxi  (ridesharing), She was wearing during graduation, instead She felt proud to be able to wear the  Ridesharing company jacket where She worked at such moments

.(Leony posed with her Colleague On Ridesharing  Company )

Not only wearing an  Ride-sharing jacket during graduation, Leony’s graduation ceremony was also attended by her colleague Ride-sharing drivers in Semarang. She said those present were Gojek driver communities in Semarang who intended to come to enliven their graduation day.

“Indeed, this is a community in Semarang. They were really excited to see me graduating, so ‘Come on, come on, the graduation ceremony of Miss Lele’, yes they have come, “She said.

Their presence certainly brings its own happiness to Leony in the middle of the graduation celebration as a Bachelor of Law at Diponegoro University, of course the BIG wish that a Law Faculty student wants is a Masters scholarship, She also tries to find a scholarship to help herself be able to sit on the next college and can membaggakan parents.

Leony also shared a few tips in her style in order to be able to complete responsibilities to the maximum.

“For friends out there, just keep on fighting. If I really always have principles, every time I feel I just fall thinking “Every time life drops me, I catch it as a signal that I have to try even stronger” “concluded Leony.

Hopefully in the future there will be new leonies to be able to share the Almighty Undip and also the family name.