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History and Vision Mission

Faculty of Law, Diponegoro University


Why choose the Law Faculty of Diponegoro University?

Diponegoro University’s Faculty of Law is the oldest faculty in Diponegoro University. Since its founding in 1957 until now, the Faculty of Law has developed with the improvement of the education system, increasing number and quality of teaching staff (lecturers), and increasing facilities and infrastructure to support education.

Faculty of Law

The improved management of the Faculty of Law is directed at improving the quality of graduates. Judging from the output produced, the Faculty of Law of Diponegoro University has contributed greatly to the development of the nation’s life in development. Graduates produced have spread throughout Indonesia by occupying positions in the bureaucracy, the private sector and the community. Contributions to the development of science can be seen from the studies carried out, the publication of legal science books that became the standard in the development of legal science at the national level, as well as various papers in the field of law which are published periodically through scientific magazines and journals as well as through the media mass.

Vision and mission


– A progressive Faculty of Law based on Pancasila values ​​towards world-class research-based scientific development in 2025


– Organizing competent legal education in the field of law to produce competitive and progressive law graduates.
– Organizing competitive and progressive legal field research, beneficial for humanity and national development.
– Organizing education to the community in the field of law that is sustainable, and beneficial to humanity.
– Organizing cooperation with the aim of expanding the network with national and international institutions.