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Dok : (Left to Right) , Head of Regular  Undergradute Program , Marjo S.H.,M.Hum. ,  Head of International Undergraduate Program , Prof. DR. FX Djoko Priyono,S.H.,M.Hum. , Prof. David Bamford, Mr. Lapon Tukan Leonard , S.H.,M.A. , Ms. Sartika Nanda Lestari, S.H.,M.H.,LL.M. and Mr. Pulung Widhi, S.H.,M.H.,LL.M.

Semarang-23 August 2019. Located at the Litigation Building Seminar Room, the International Undergraduate Program (IUP) of the Faculty of Law UNDIP held an International Guest Visiting Lecturer with the theme: “Lawyering in Challenging Times – What Being A Lawyer Means in 2020”. In this public lecture, Prof. David Bamford who is an academic as well as a practitioner who is a Professor from Flinders University – College Business. Government and Law. Prof. David Bamford has expertise in the fields of Civil Litigation, Professional Skills and Ethics, Community Legal Practice and Regulating Politics, and has extensive research interest and experience in the sub-field of civil justice system and the Interaction between Law and Politics.

The Guest Visiting Lecture was opened with the appearance of students, then continued with the Opening Speech by the Vice Dean for Academic and Student Affairs, Ms. Tri Laksmi, S.H., M.Hum. In his welcoming speech, he expressed his gratitude for Prof. David Bamford to be present to share his knowledge and experience as an international level academic. He also hoped that the holding of visiting lecturers could further enhance the cooperative relationship between Faculty of Law UNDIP and Flinders University.

Doc: Prof. David Bamford when delivering the material to participants (Right holding a microphone) accompanied by the Moderator, Sartika Nanda Lestari, S.H., M.H.LL.M

Acting as the Moderator in this Guest Visiting Lecturer event are Lecturer Mrs. Sartika Nanda Lestari, S.H., LL.M. (Lecturer of Business Law UNHIP FH). On this occasion, Prof. David Bamford delivered an several  material about the comparative conditions of the life of lawyers in Australia, why the lawyer profession is so special, the prospects of working for law graduates, and the challenges that will be faced by the professional advocate in the era of the digital industry. The final session of the public lecture was closed with a question and answer session between participants and speakers. The Visiting Lecturers activity received a positive response from the academic community of FH UNDIP with the presence of a number of lecturers and students from the IUP program and the Bachelor of Regular Law.