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Monday, March 11, 2019, the Faculty of Law UNDIP collaborated with the Special Inspection Department and Banking Investigation of the Financial Services Authority (DKIP OJK) Jakarta held  a General Studium which related to  Banking Law . The event took place in room H.304, Building H .  The theme of the discussion of the issues presented at this event was “Prevention and Handling of Alleged Banking Crimes”

 The keynote speakers who were presented to deliver material at this  general stadium consist of :

1. Mr. Sudarmaji as Head of the Special Inspection and Banking Investigation Department (DKIP OJK) and

2. Mr. Muhammad Yusran as senior analyst for Special Examination and Banking Investigation (DKIP OJK)

The keynote speakers were practitioners in their fields who explained about cases of banking crime in Indonesia. This general stadium was broadcasted via  online and connected to several universities in Indonesia. The representative of Board Management also attended on this occasion, they were Vice Dean of Research and Inovation ,  Mr. Lapon Tukan Leonard, S.H., M.A.  Vice Dean Of  Business and Communication Mr. Solechan, S.H., M.H.

        Mr. Dr.Pujiyono, S.H., M.Hum  whose acted moderator very enthusiastic about the socialization because it could add scientific insight to the academic community on Faculty of Law  UNDIP in terms of practices related to Banking Law. The general lecture participants who attended this event were all students from undergraduate to doctoral level who had an interest in banking law Study.