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Doc:  The  Users take a photo together with speakers , Mr. Budiharto , S.H.,M.S. and Head of S1 Legal Studies, Mr. Marjo, S.H., M.Hum. (Safari Shirt) and Secretary of the S-1 Law Study Program, Dr., Siti Malikhatun Badriyah, S.H., M.Hum. ( Red veil )

Semarang, October 1, 2019 – The results of graduates of a  Higher education institution  play an important role in determining the bargaining power of human resources in the job market and describing the results of educating an alma mater. So that every tertiary institution, both at the university and faculty level,  needs a periodic evaluation to assess and map the quality of the graduates’ performance. The curriculum and learning process are the benchmarks for determining the satisfaction of users of human resources with the level of performance of graduates produced by  the relevant  university .

        Paying attention to this matter, the Faculty of Law  UNDIP held a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) about the satisfaction of Service Users (Users) with the Quality of the Performance of Bachelor Graduates at Undergraduate Program ( LLB) . The purpose of organizing activities is to dig up information and seek input from users on the quality of the performance of the alumni of the Faculty of Law  UNDIP in the world of work. The results of this discussion were then used as evaluation material by the Head of the Faculty of Law  UNDIP  on the educational curriculum that has been applied to produce graduates’ standards required by users in the labor market in Indonesia. The Focus Group Discussion was held in the Main Meeting Room, Dean Building of the Faculty of Law UNDIP . The event was attended by users consisting of several professionals including bureaucrats in government agencies, advocates, prosecutors, judges, the banking industry and a number of branch offices of state-owned enterprises in the Central Java region.

Dok :   Mr. Budiharto ,S.H.M.S.  gave an presentation about  the curicullum  which applied on Faculty of Law UNDIP along last  five year

On this occasion, the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Diponegoro University, Prof. Dr. Retno Saraswati, S.H., M.Hum. who gave a welcoming speech at the initial opening. Then the event continued with presentation of material from speakers from Diponegoro University Faculty of Law lecturers, namely Mr. Budiharto, S.H., M.S .. In the Focus Group Discussion this time, the activities were guided and moderated directly by Mr. Aditya Yuli, S.H., M.H. The climax of the event was held in a two-way discussion format with users invited directly by the Diponegoro University’s Faculty of Law. The users explained a number of qualifications of graduate competency standards that must be possessed by college graduates as well as the expertise needed to be accepted and have brilliant career prospects in an area of ​​work.

The closing of the event was done by filling out the questionnaire that must be filled in by the invited users and the results of the questionnaire questionnaire were tabulated data by the Dipoengoro University Faculty of Law Accreditation Team to evaluate and provide follow-up to the preparation of the education curriculum in the next few years. Hopefully this activity can provide useful benefits for the Faculty of Law Undip in producing quality graduates who excel, excel and can be accepted by employers.


Submission of input on the quality of graduates of the Faculty of Law UNDIP by Prof. IGN Widyadarma (Professor and Practitioner) as one of the invited guests

 HRD  Manager of   PT.Bank BNI 46 tbk. –  Regional Office in Semarang ,  Mr. Amir,S.Sos.  told his opinion  about the  performances  and quality of Graduate  from   Faculty of Law UNDIP in front of the other audiences

Human Capital Manager of    PT.Bank Mandiri tbk – Regional Office in Central Java and Yogayakarta , Ms.  Minar   share  his  opinion  that concern   to the  requirement whose need to fulfill by the graduate from university into Banking Industry

The Head of Administration  Ministry of Law and Human Rights  –  Central Java Regional Office , Ms. Novita Ilmaris , S.H. spoke  to the audiences concerning to the qualification   whose  have to need to fulfill  by graduate  while they try to  apply civil servant recruitment