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On March 24-27 2019 the International Law Section of the Faculty of Law of Diponegoro University held a Community Service event. On this occasion the service was not carried out in Indonesia, but carried out in Johor Baru, Malaysia. This Community service activities were held in collaboration with the Department of International Law Faculty of Law UNDIP with the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Johor Baru , Malaysia. The concept of Community Service was  designed in the form of legal counseling for Indonesian Workers who work in Malaysia. The legal issue that was used as the theme in the legal counseling was: “Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers in Malaysia”.

          The delegation  was welcomed directly by Mr. Haris Nugroho, S.H., L.LM. as the Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. This service aims to provide legal knowledge to Indonesian Workers who work in Malaysia so that they could minimize the risks possibility of being  criminal victim or violating the law in Malaysia.

The keynote speakers who were presented to deliver material at this  general stadium consist of ::

1. Dr. Pujiyono, S.H., M.Hum. who presented material about human trafficking; and

2. Ms. Elfia Farida, S.H., M. Hum. who presented material about migrant workers

Hopefully the community service done by  The Department of International Law can provide benefits for Indonesian Workers who are currently working  in Malaysia