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Doc: The Student,s Delegation and their caretaker, Mr. Pulung Widhi Hananto, S.H.,M.H.,LL.M. posed On Erasmus University Boulevard. 

       Thursday, July 11, 2019 – Delegation of The  Faculty of Law  UNDIP recorded a remarkable achievement at the 2019 International Maritime Law Moot Competition (IMLAM), which was won by the Best Newcomer Delegates from all participating participants. These results were considered very proud, because the Faculty of Law UNDIP got it on the first time participating in this prestigious international competition. In 2019 IMLAM which has been held for 6 days (30 June-5 July 2019) at University Of Erasmus Rotterdam, Delegation of Faculty of Law UNDIP has participated in four preliminary rounds.

In four matches in the preliminary round, the UNDIP FH Delegation Team recorded results of two wins, one draw and one defeat. Two Victories of Faculty of Law  UNDIP delegates were won by the Team of Delegates from the University of Hamburg, Germany and the Indian Government College of Law. Furthermore, the draw was obtained after competing with Christ University, India. At this opportunity the judges were  appreciated  toward  one of Delegation , Daniel  Renne Kandou ( Faculty of Law UNDIP 2017) as the best oralist in this round. The jury was impressed with the his character, diplomatic attitude and critical response. But in the  last match of the preliminary round Team of  Law UNDIP had to undergo a fierce match with the Tehran University ITCA Delegation – Iran which ended with a thin score for the superiority of the opposing party.

The FH UNDIP delegates were very pleased with the results achieved and hoped to participate in the IMLAM 2020 which will be held by Singapore Management University (SMU). By paying attention to these achievements, the entire academic community of Faculty of Law UNDIP felt proud and grateful for the struggle and  accomplishment by our delegation. Hopefully this achievement will be a beautiful beginning for Faculty of Law UNDIP to strengthen confidence in competing at the international level.