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Doc: Faculty of Law  UNDIP Delegation successfully won the Champion III position in the National Constitution Debate Competition

FH UNDIP students again showed their quality competitiveness by returning to the competition at the National level of the  Faculty of Law Delegation under the coordination of  Student Activity Unit – Research and Debate Group participated in the National University Student Constitution Debate Competition in 2019 and successfully won third place. The national-level debate competition is a prestigious event in the field of constitutional law, which is participated by a number of law faculties in Indonesia. The competition was held by the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia on August 14-15, 2019.

The MK Cup Debate Competition is divided into two phases: the preliminary phase which was held at the Pancasila and Constitution Education Center, Bogor on August 14, 2019, while the final round was held at the Shangri-La Hotel the following day.

Here is the name of the UNDIP FH Delegation who competed in the National Constitutional Court Competition XII in 2019, namely:

1. Indy Maulida,

2. Fatimah Salsabila,

3. Tegar Padhang Pramudhita.


After Final Results Announcement , The Delegation of Faculty of Law UNDIP took a shoot with  The Professor of Constitutional Law & One od Judges In Constitutional Court, Prof. Dr. Arif Hidayat , S.H.,M.S.

Doc : Indy Maulida , Fatimah Salsabilla dan Tegar P/  Pramudita  saling mengenggam  Bendera UKM-F Kelompok Riset dan Debat 

Delegasi FH UNDIP berfoto bersama dengan Dosen Pembimbing UKM-F KRD , Dr. Ratna Herawati , S.H.,M.H.

Suasana kompetisi pada saat perebutan tempat III