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Doc 1 Lecturer Team in the Fundamentals of Legal Studies took a photo with local officials before the event began

The Tri Dharma concept of Higher Education consists of three main components, namely education, research, and community service. These three things are a responsibility that must be assumed by every lecturer in Indonesia. Unlike educational and research activities that can be carried out on campus, community service activities are usually carried out by engaging directly into the community by providing direct counseling, to increase the understanding of the local community on an issue experienced by the surrounding environment by stakeholders.

Based on the above, the basics of the law, Diponegoro University’s Faculty of Law, carried out community service on February 1, 2020, in Kaliaman village, Kembang District, Jepara Regency. In this service, the theme is “Child Protection and the Elimination of Violence against Women.” This activity was attended by residents, community leaders, and officials in the sub-district environment.

Acting as speakers in this activity are:

1. Aditya Yuli Setyawan, S.H., M.H.

2. Anggita Doramia Lumbanraja, S.H., M.H

Doc 2 Aditya Yuli Setiawan, S.H., M.H. presenting material on the Protection of Children and the Elimination of Violence against Women

The reason for choosing the theme of “Protection of Children and the Elimination of Violence on Women” was expressed by the speaker because of the increasing number of sexual violence against children. Based on the report of the Witness and Victim Protection Agency (LPSK) noted an increase in cases of sexual violence against children that occurred since 2016, several 25 cases, then increased in 2017 to 81 cases, and the peak in 2018 to 206 cases.

Doc 3: Resource persons for Community Service activities