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Following this we inform the schedule of the 152th Diponegoro University Graduation Ceremony for the OCTOBER / NOVEMBER Period in 2018, that the Graduation Ceremony will be held on 30 OCTOBER 2018 – 02 NOVEMBER 2018 at Gdg. Prof. Soedarto, S.H., Undip – Tembalang, Semarang.

As for the number of graduates who will graduate in this graduation period as many as 3,507 people consist of various study programs in the Undip environment.

We enclose the following data regarding the implementation of the 152th Graduation Ceremony in 2018 which we have compiled based on the report on the number of graduates we received:

Thank you

Undip 152th Graduation Schedule October 2018 1.55 MB

Announcement of Development Jaya Scholarship Recipients for Academic Year 2018 -2019
Based on a letter from Marga Pembanguna Jaya Regarding Announcement of Announcement of Development Jaya Scholarship Recipients for the following Academic Year 2018-1919, we inform you about the scholarship:
1. Students who passed the selection from Diponegoro University were 14 people as attached
2. Each student gets a scholarship of IDR 6,000,000
3. Granting scholarships and certificates will be given directly to students who pass the selection on January 4-6 2019 in Bintaro
Thus we submit this notice.
Thank you for your attention. List of Students Passes the Marga Jaya Development Scholarship – The following is the attached file of the announcement of the results of the CPNS Kemenristekdikti administration in 2018 along with a list of applicants who passed the administrative file attachment selection:

Sa Announcement (612.9 KiB) List of Applicants Passing Administration Selection 2018 Final Postpaid (4.0 MiB)
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